Drinks Worthy of the NHL Conference Finals

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Now that your team (or your bandwagon team!) has reached the NHL Conference Finals, they deserve something far more worthy than generic, basic canned beer by Coors, Miller, Budweiser, or Molson.

Western Conference Final: Winnipeg Jets vs. Vegas Golden Knights

For the Winnipeg Jets, how about a Maple Bourbon Smash, a riff on the Old Fashioned cocktail by Robb Turner, owner of Crown Maple. The Maple Bourbon Smash contains bourbon, dark amber maple syrup with orange juice, lemon juice and bitters.

Wager cocktail will be perfect for Vegas Golden Knights, whether they are playing in warm (hot!) Las Vegas, or the much cooler northern Canadian city of Winnipeg. The Wager contains bourbon, Frangelico, pineapple juice and pure maple syrup.

Eastern Conference Final: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Washington Capitals

For the Tampa Bay Lightning, how about a Columbia Mojito, made famous by Florida’s oldest continuously operating restaurant. The Mojito contains Don Casimiro silver rum, lime juice, simple syrup and fresh muddled mint with a splash of soda, garnished with more mint and a stick of sugar cane.

Washington Capitals’ fans require something stronger to fortify themselves for the new experience of this advanced round. In honor of the Cap’s Captain Ovechkin, how about a White Russian, or perhaps a Black Russian, if you would rather forgo the cream. The White Russian contains vodka with one part coffee liqueur and one part cream. Поехали!

And if you simply cannot go without that celebratory beer, be much more creative than the ubiquitous watered down beer. How about a Belgian Dubbel, Tripel or Quadrupel beer? Or try some lovely regional craft beers, a strong stout, a hard crisp dry cider, or a fruity sour!

All the best to your teams! Cheers!

Photo by JuniperPhoton on Unsplash

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