Let Hockey Season Begin!

First, a disclaimer: I never drink the two beers listed on these beer taps, ever, however, I love the beer taps topped with Stanley Cups. A number of pubs and bars actually used these taps during hockey season and I wish I had been able to see one in person. Here in the southern US where football is king I was extraordinarily lucky to see a Molson Canadian Hockey House coaster! (See below.)

Cheers! Here’s to another hockey season – minus NHL hockey for at least a while. 

I watched my first hockey game of the season last night! Oklahoma University vs. Arkansas Razorbacks.  (Score: 10-2. Yipes!) Yes, collegiate hockey and no, not football regardless of the schools’ names. We will be returning this afternoon for another match between the two teams and we will also be hockey tailgating! Photos and article to come.

Next week professional hockey begins with Training Camp and at this time next Sunday I will be there, watching some of the top young NHLers in action. As a longtime NHL fan who has now been locked out, I am very fortunate to have moved near one of the top AHL teams in the country. I still traveled to see NHL games last season, however following my local AHL team for an entire season has won me over. I am a fan of AHL hockey. Yes, they are still developing, still trying to make it into the NHL, but it is fast, exciting hockey. It is also cheaper, more accessible and incredibly fun. If you are feeling locked out as a fan, visit your minor leagues! I highly recommend it.

Molson Canadian Hockey House coaster at McNellie’s.

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