Recipes: Poutine


Poutine is an odd thing. It originated in rural Québec in the 1950’s and it basically consists of french fries, a brown gravy and curd cheese. It seems to be the Canadian equivalent to America’s comfort food Mac and Cheese. It is primarily found in Canadian fast food chains and diners — cantines or casse-croûtes. Poutine variations can also contain meat, beef, pulled pork, etc., but that just seems to be gilding the lily I think! There are many variations on the theme — Mexican Poutine, Italian Poutine, Mushroom Poutine, etc. You get the picture.

Basic Recipe for Poutine:

  • French Fries – Fried, soft interior with crisp exterior
  • Cheese curds – small, fresh curds.
  • Gravy – A light, thin, generally chicken gravy, mildly spiced, with a slight sour flavoring (vinegar) to balance out the richness of the gravy, fries and cheese. (Chuck Hughes offers a gravy recipe for Poutine.)

That’s about it. But, let’s face it, this is much better eaten at a local diner or fast food place. After all, it is comfort food.

Poutine in Luc Robitaille’s favorite place




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